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Our teams

Vientiane Rescue 1623 has been created in 2010 with the ambition to being able to respond to any kind of emergencies; road traffic accidents, fire, drownings...

We were first only based in Vientiane with 3 rescue stations, since then, we've expanded in Pakse, Vang Vieng & Xiengkhuang. 

Currently we have 5 specialized teams such as:

Emergency Medical Technicians & First Responders

Emergency Medical Technicians & First Responders

First Responders & Emergency Medical Technicians, who can stabilise

road traffic accident victims  before transporting them to the adapted hospital.



Fighting fires and rescuing victims trapped in buildings on fire. 

Our firefighters get trained to fight open & close space fires, while most of the fires we face in Laos are house fires, sometimes spreading quickly to whole blocks. 

Rescue Divers

Diving Rescue Team

Water Rescue operations

Excavation Rescue

Excavation Rescue Team

Organise rescue operations in challenging environments

Hydraulic Rescue

Hydraulic Rescue Team

Extricating victims from crushed cars: we have powerful spreaders & cutters tools that allow us

to extricate road crash victims from their crushed vehicles 

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